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Premium icons for your home sweet home.

Start with digital minimalism in mind.

Take back the control of your digital life! With the introduction of App Library on iOS 14, now you can declutter your home screen and say goodbye to those little red dots which always screams for attention!

Make an aesthetic statement.

Give your home screen a makeover by choosing icon set that reflects your personal style. Go for a clean and minimal look with monochrome icon set, or make it distinct by using bold and dark icon set.

Be a productivity master.

Use custom icons to automate repetitive tasks by using them as triggers for Shortcuts. You can quickly add voice notes, post to Instagram, create complex menus, etc. Go beyond just opening apps and have a more productive home screen setup.

Light or dark. Monochrome or colorful. Light or bold. Which one are you?

Choose from our collection of carefully crafted icon sets, each with their own unique visual characteristics to match your personal style.


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